Nothing happens gallery had its first reception on October 5th, 2012.  The event was featured in an article in the San Diego Reader (Thanks Bobby Bray).  In addition to this, we interviewed artist Reggie Costa about his rejected artwork "Ignore Pain":
Sean: so, Reggie Costa.  Thank you for submitting to the NOTHING HAPPENS GALLERY.  How do you feel about your artwork being buried?
Reggie:  I feel that, I have learned something about art.  I've realized that one day all art is going to be disposed, at some point.  You can't fend against it deteriorating, you know. Weather it is going to be six years like some of the stuff I made when I was a kid, it has probably made its way into the trash, or whatever.  Or if it is the most sought after piece of art ever made, and they try to preserve it for thousands of years it eventually just deteriorates or whatever.  Or it becomes something that it wasn't originally, you know, with all the wear and tear on it.  So I realized that the artwork that I made kind of being featured in the way that you featured it and analyzed, and giving it attention. You gave it attention and encouraged it to be promoted through our own avenues.  It is probably the most public art piece I have ever done. *Laughter* Instead of just sitting on my shelf.  So the fact that you crushed it in a hole or you tried to maybe destroy the piece of artwork...  you tried to put it to rest, or you tried to take the physical piece and ruin it, dispose of it, but really no matter how hard you try to dispose of it in that way, the fact that is been through the Nothing Happens Gallery gives it the most featured prospect it could have.  So that's what I got from it.  And that could be your intention, or not at all
Sean:  I'm not sure
Reggie:  I didn't think you were sure.  As much as I thought I might be rejected, I was still hoping it wouldn't get rejected.